Reasons to rent a cottage or cabin instead of a hotel

Vacations are important. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy romantic cabin rentals or weekend getaways to nature, getting away from the hustle and bustle are a great thing. Studies show that vacations are good for your heart, mental, and emotional health. Also, a vacation can help improve interpersonal relationships.

About 53% of employed adults in the U.S. feel refreshed upon returning from vacation. Statistics show that many Americans don’t even use all their vacation time. A study showed that every tenth hour of vacation results in an eight-percent higher performance rating. Don’t wait!

A break is important for your mental well-being. While you don’t have to rent a luxury cabin, it’s a great idea. Cabin getaways can be a great alternative to a hotel vacation. Here are some reasons:


If you are used to living in a bigger home, hotel rooms can become a bit confining after a while. It can feel like you’re living alone in a small space. Cabins are usually decorated rustically or homey to give them a more welcoming atmosphere. A cabin will likely have a separate bedroom to allow you to relax or read in peace. Couples often feel a deeper connection when there are fewer distractions.

The Cost

Although a cabin rental may be more expensive than a hotel, many times they are cheaper because they can be booked weekly. A larger cabin can be rented with friends or relatives, which can make it even more affordable.

The cabin’s kitchen can be used to cook, so you don’t have to go to a restaurant, get room service, or order takeout. It is possible to cook in the cabin, which can help you save money on food. Fast food costs can quickly add up.


You can call them “nature weekend escapes”, after all. Cabins are often located in the countryside or near lakes. A cabin may even be equipped with waterfront access that allows you to fish, boat, or swim there.

It’s possible to have a campfire or cook on the barbecue, and even see the stars at night if you are not too far from the city lights. You can feel more relaxed and romantic than staying at a large city hotel or in a suburb. Many cabins are located in private areas, away from the main road, which gives you peace that is not available elsewhere.

These are just some of the many reasons to choose to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and stay at a private cabin. You can save a lot and enjoy your vacation.

The many benefits of renting a holiday home

People visit the hotels because they want to experience the stunning countryside and all it has to give. People often think of staying in hotels while visiting. But this is a mistake. You are missing out on the many advantages of renting alternatives. When compared to hotels, holiday cottages can be very affordable and save you a lot of money. There are many other things to consider, and we’ll discuss them all here.


Staying in beautiful holiday cottages will ensure that you are not disturbed by hotel staff. It is not uncommon for housekeeping to wake you up at the crack of dawn and clean your rooms while you sleep. A holiday home allows you to enjoy privacy and no one can enter your bedroom while you’re asleep. There is plenty of room for you and your family to move around. And when it’s time to get to bed, you can go downstairs or out to enjoy quality time with the kids.

Create Your Schedule

Check-in, check-out, housekeeping, and limited times for breakfast are all part of a hotel. A holiday cottage lets you choose when and how you eat. You can also prepare the meals you like for your children. Because you’re buying your food, there are no large restaurant bills or tipping for every dish. You are free to leave and return as you please.

The Family Place

Holiday cottages are a great way to get away with your family. You might have seen your family in so long and would love to see them again. Renting more holiday cottages can help you have more people staying together and may even result in a lower price. You can bring your pet to many holiday cottage rentals, saving you money. It is not necessary to hire a dog kennel. Your dog can enjoy the country with you.

Value for money

It is possible to spend a holiday in the Key West once in a lifetime. This makes it a memorable experience. The best thing about renting a holiday cottage is the privacy it offers, as well as great value. A barbecue is an ideal choice if you want to enjoy cooking outside under the stars.

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