Simple Steps to Purchase Lingerie for Your Girlfriend or Wife

We know that special occasions like an anniversary, birthday or other significant events are always around the corner. This means you may find yourself in a sticky situation when trying to buy the perfect gift. But we also understand the stress of trying to find the perfect gift and are here to help!

Here is our 5-step fool-proof guide to gifting the best gift a girl can ask for lingerie

Step 1 – Confidence

You don’t have to worry about how long you’ve been married. Lingerie as gifts for girlfriends can be difficult but can be an entertaining experience. Lingerie is known to turn men off, but most girls love it for the same reasons. Let’s not forget that you want your lady to feel attractive in the lingerie you give her. Selling lingerie to your girl is a great way of keeping the attraction alive, whether you’re in a new or established relationship.

Step 2 – Get to know her!

It is important to find out how your partner feels about the clothing she owns. Are they shy, timid, self-conscious, or outgoing?

It has to be about your girl when you buy lingerie. There is a difference between what men consider sexy about women and what women consider to be sexy. You can instantly tell if a woman likes a set of lingerie you bought, even if it isn’t something you considered while shopping for the perfect gift. This is not the place to be selfish.

Step 3 – Style and Size

Be prepared and do your research. Look in your partner’s underwear drawer, even if she isn’t looking, before you go shopping. You can take a photograph of the label or note down your favorite items. As sizes vary slightly between brands and styles, make sure to compare the sizes of several items.

Also, don’t forget to look at the different color options. Look for something timeless and modern if the color is not what you want. Black is always a great option when buying lingerie to gift your wife, girlfriend, or significant other. Our Fittings Room has more information on the various bra styles.

Step 4 – The Purchase

Debras offers unique and stylish lingerie sets for ladies. You get what is paid for and high-end luxury lingerie has magical. Lingerie should always come in matching sets when you purchase them as a gift. After you have chosen the bra, it should be simple to find matching knickers. Accessorize with stockings or sexy garters to complete the look. Save the receipt in case your sizing is slightly off.

Step-5 Make sure to get a matching set

Matching sets are always a good idea for your spouse and their gift. This is a common mistake that many men make. It is believed that one pair of pants can look good by itself and that they are enough. Women love matching sets because they make them look more attractive and increase their confidence. To complete the look, you can get a bra or some sexy accessories!

Step 6 – Give the gift

The last touch is what’s most important. Gift wrapping shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ask that the lingerie be placed in an elegant gift box. You can choose to gift wrap your lingerie with our special silk box and bag.

Your lady will love receiving lingerie as gifts. We hope it will be an as delightful surprise for her as it is for you.

Our Debras bra shop gives you a better idea about bra sizes and shapes. DeBras is a stockiest for Prima Donna Bras Australia. Prima Donna is the leading expert in luxury lingerie. You can also have your gift delivered to your office, to avoid gift shopping! We’re always happy to help you find that perfect lingerie gift, whether it be for your girlfriend, spouse, or significant other.