Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) – Know Cannabis and CBD Help with It

The cannabis plant is used in many ways from centuries ago. In the recent years, several research studies are carrying out to know the potential benefits of CBD for various health conditions, including Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

In the last few years, people affected by IBD have increased a lot. IBD overtime weakens and damages the digestive system and can also lead to other diseases like colon cancer. Many people claim that CBD can help to manage symptoms of IBD. They include pain, nausea, and appetite loss.

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About IBD

It is the compilation of inflammatory conditions that distress the digestive tract. The common IBD symptoms that disrupt the life quality are:

  • Severe cramping
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea

Forms of IBD

IBD commonly occurs in the small intestine last part, or colon, or both. IBD is of two forms, such as:

  • Crohn’s disease – It can be caused to any part of the gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus
  • Ulcerative colitis – It affects only the colon or large intestine

Causes of IBD

Although the exact causes of IBD are unknown, doctors have discovered a few factors, which make the condition worse. They are:

  • Immune system dysfunction
  • Hereditary factors
  • Unhealthy food habits

Research studies on CBD and IBD

According to human studies, cannabis can help to get relief from IBD symptoms. It is unclear that it is due to anti-inflammatory properties or the effects that can cover the adverse symptoms. There are only limited studies on the CBD effects for IBD.

According to animal and laboratory studies, CBC can reduce the inflammation caused due to these conditions. A recent study has shown few promising results as well.

How CBD helps with IBD?

A study conducted in 2018 showed that CBD helps people who have Crohn’s disease to manage its symptoms. The interesting part of the study is, it can’t decrease gut inflammation.

A 2019 study found that CBD can help with leaky gut. In this study, scientists used PEA (palmitoylethanolamide), fatty acid, and CBD. This fatty acid amide is made in the body to reduce pain caused by inflammation.

Depending on these studies, CBD is considered beneficial for IBD. The primary reason for using CBD to treat IBD is ECS 9endocannabinoid system). This system regulates the functions in the body like pain response, mood, appetite, and more. CBD can help to stimulate neurotransmitters including dopamine and serotonin, which helps to manage mood problems like anxiety, stress, and even gut function.

These days, CBD is available in many forms, from oils to edibles, vaping, tinctures, and many others. All these products may affect positively the IBD symptoms, but the delivery method affects how fast you experience the relief.

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