Why Entrance Mats Are Essential For Commercial Buildings?

Commercial buildings have heavy foot traffic going in and out. There is over ½ kilo dirt per sq. yard brought inside every week. Around 80% to 85% of grime, dirt, and debris are carried via shoes inside the building. This consistent dirt not just harms air quality but can damage the carpets and floors.

Entrance logo mats can help to reduce the dirt percentage entering inside the commercial building. Ultimate Mats offer a commercial floor matting system designed to –

  • Trap water and dirt at the door entrance.
  • Store water and dirt for removal.
  • Lessen the buildup of water and soil inside the commercial building.
  • Offer a safe slip-resistant surface and avoid trip hazards.

When you are on a mission to buy outdoor mats ensure to consider the above aspects. The mat must not just trap grime, water, and mud but even hold it until removed manually. Thus the dirt is prevented from edging inside the building as traffic builds over the entrance floor mat.

Another crucial feature to consider in the exterior mat is it needs to be slip-resistant. Due to slip and falls, there are more than 31% of employees injured and it is also the second major cause of fatalities. Slip-related injury cost exceeds more than $12, 000.

Besides, safety you can have customized entrance floor mats with the company logo imprinted. Thus the mat plays the role of the first defense line of keeping dirt at bay as well as boost brand awareness and credibility.

Other reasons why entrance mat is essential for commercial buildings

Floor protection

The first impression counts! A sparkling clean or dirty floor can make a huge difference when customers or vendors visit your establishment. With entrance mats, it is easy for dirt to accumulate at the entrance and thus keep interior flooring look clean. The more the dirt is reduced the less it can damage the air quality. Look for entrance mats designed from coarse yarns for scraping shoes in transit as well as eliminate debris and dirt.

Brand awareness

Customers entering the building will see the brand logo at their feet. Brand awareness is crucial for business success and with a logo imprinted on the doormats you can acquire it. Besides entrance mats are available in a variety of patterns and colors that blend with the building’s overall aesthetics offering a stylish, professional, and classy appearance. The customers ignorantly view your logo and it is imprinted in their mind. They remember your brand name, whenever they need your product or services.


Customized floor mats imprinted with a high-quality logo even reveal your care to detail. It connects with prospective customers. Mats are practical things people find everywhere but the effort taken to add a message or a logo shows your smartness and professionalism.

Costs saving

A good entrance floor mats help to keep 80% dirt outside the building, so annual saving associated with cleaning costs is measurable. Dirt and dust harm health because it hampers the air quality, which your employees inhale and struggle from respiratory disease, which can in turn damage productivity. An outdoor mat helps to lessen the dust level in the building. Dust and dirt even cause havoc in computers and the HVAC system.

It is obvious that entrance mats are essential for a commercial building!